The darkness hides all manner of things from sight

Nothing is visible though try as you might

The darkness hides wonders, surprises and joy

The darkness hides horrors, things to avoid


The senses are heightened when darkness ensues

Seldom heard noises creep into the gloom

A touch on your skin, a sudden caress

The feel of a mouth doing what it does best


The darkness hides beauty, imperfections and flaws

The touch of gentle fingertips, the raking of claws

The darkness never judges, it is both safe and secure

Unless something lurks there, both foul and impure


Perhaps you embrace it and live for the night

Perhaps you abhor it and avoid it with fright

The decision is yours, neither right, neither wrong

For the darkness serves all things, both the weak and the strong



It is three am, and I walk the night alone.
I am not predator, nor prey on this night.
I could be either. I am capable of both.
Am I the only one with eyes that can see the world?
Not the world painted by commercials and magazines.
I see the real world, a world that only a select few can see.

In their world, only good things happen.
There is always hope, there is always love.
In their world they know they will wake up tomorrow.
The sun will shine, the birds will sing, and all things are possible.

In the real world hope is a fleeting thing. Bad things happen everyday.
Children are molested, the elderly are beaten, the people are cheated,
their hopes and dreams are stolen more often than they are fulfilled.
In the real world I have no idea if I will wake up tomorrow, will the 
Sun still burn will my heart still beat will a mad man push the button?
In the real world only one thing is for certain, everything dies.
Our time is short.

Don’t think that I am depressed, that I am crazy, that I am disturbed.
Don’t feel sorry for me because I can see. 
The world that we all live in is corrupt, always has been always will be.
I see it for what it is you see it for what you wish it could be.
Your world is happy and good, and you hide from the bad things.
The real world is ugly and mean, and I must search for the good things.

I am happy, sometimes. I feel love, and joy, and hope, I do dream.
But I know not to expect these things, any and all of them can disappear.
Open your eyes tomorrow, see the real world see it for what it is.
Then step back and look at your life, and appreciate all that you have.
For in the world where all things are good, you wonder why some are so bad.
But in the world where all things are bad, you are thankful for all that is good.


 Dark and brooding, I walk the hallways of this empty tomb wrapped in the thick blanket of my own emotion. Desperation limps along beside me like a lame and crippled pet. I reach down to caress his gnarled head, remembering when his name was hope, and when his stride was light and true. But now desperation is all I have left. My only link to the glory of the past and to the possibilities of what the future may bring. We walk this endless hallway with only each other to bide the time. Me and my desperation marching blindly into the mysteries of tomorrow, never knowing what surprises the next turn shall reveal.


The fine line between pleasure and pain, a dangerous place to tread

Why is the feel of my flesh in your teeth constantly in my head

Pain so sweet I beg for more, needles piercing my skin

The path we choose is a curious place, the line so wickedly thin

I’ve chosen a life that few will dare, consequences hard and true

Funny that I never knew myself, that is until I met you

You’ve opened a door into my soul, a place so dark and warm

Never before have I dreamed such dreams, twisted thoughts and images born

I see myself clad in leather and steel, I know that I am your slave

My desires are only to meet your needs, it’s your favor alone that I crave

My heart is filled with anguish and joy, pain and elation one in the same

Please deliver me up once more, dreams of pain and love searing my brain

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