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"Entitlement" is the story of one mans dark hunt for a twisted serial killer who chooses his victims apparently at random. Seth Thornton is a private investigator who once upon a time had been a damn good police detective. That was right up until he attacked one of his superior officers during a drunken rampage. 

Now he is embroiled in the most important and dangerous case of his entire career. Along with the aid of his punk rock secretary and some time partner Marya Soucek, Seth must track down a sadistic serial killer known only as the “Cleaner” A mysterious murderer, who strikes with no rhyme or reason, be it man or women, rich or poor, any nationality or religion…no one is safe from the Cleaner. 

Can Seth catch the killer and finally bring closure to the wealthy widow who hired him? Can he overcome life changing personal lose to close the case and save not only the innocent victims who the “Cleaner” targets…but his own family and friends as well? As the cleaner likes to say, “You are entitled to nothing” Will Seth and his family be entitled to life…or death? Find out in "Entitled"

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