Book 2

"Revelations Out Of Darkness" is the second book in the "Secrets Of Blood & Bone Trilogy" It details Q's evolution as the King of the Ogres, as well as his unexpected responsibility as King and protector of the entire Skira nation.

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A few short years ago, Q was nothing more than a simple security guard working the night shift at the local hospital. Through an unbelievable series of events, Q discovers that he is not only a supernatural being, but one that is sired by royal blood!

Now that he has earned his rightful place as king of the Ogres through combat and blood, he has also found himself saddled with the responsibility of leading and caring for the entire Skira nation.

With enemies on all sides and a growing nation to worry about, he is suddenly summoned by a mythical being known as The Chancellor. He is to take part in a council of war with the Pravitka, the Rotu, and the Vampires.

Q has sworn to protect all those who would seek refuge from the cruelty of the other three monarchs. The only question is: can Q survive long enough to lead his people to victory and to save the human race from Hell on Earth!

Revelations Out of Darkness


Mee-Hua was born a blood witch as was her mother; her grandmother and every other woman in the family for as far back as their lineage could be traced. Mee-Hua’s father was a blood wizard and just like her mother, he came from a long line of arcane practitioners. In theory, their pairing made Mee-Hua the strongest blood witch to ever exist. Because of her family’s reputation and power, Mee-Hua would marry the son of the emperor when she came of age. By the traditions of the time, her betrothal now made her a princess and added even more esteem to her family’s name.

Her father was a firm believer in teaching through repetition. He wanted his daughter to take her position seriously and so he reminded her almost daily of her future duties. “Someday, Princess, you will be responsible for these lands and the people that reside here. You must give them help when they are in need, you must also punish those that would harm or take advantage of those that are too weak to protect themselves. You will have great wealth and great power. Be sure you never abuse it. Never forget that it is your job to protect your subjects, as it is their job to protect you.”

By the time she was ten years old, Mee-Hua had already become more powerful than either of her parents. And while she was full of raw power, she required direction. Her mother taught her the ways of healing while her father taught her the ways of war. “I don’t want to hurt it, Father. It hasn’t done anything wrong to deserve punishment.” The young girl cried while refusing to look at the cow.

“If you concentrate you can make it so that the cow doesn’t feel pain. Your mother has taught you this, has she not?”

“That is not the point. I don’t want to hurt it at all!”

“Well little, Princess, what you want has nothing to do with what must be done. Sometimes we are forced to do things we do not wish to because they need to be done. We will not leave this pasture until the cow is dead. It was to be slaughtered either way, how long we stand here is up to you.”

Mee-Hua turned and faced her father, tears running down her face and anger in her voice. “Fine you want it dead?” Turning to face the cow, both hands opened towards it, the cow began to tremble and then let out a weak sort of moo before its eyes rolled up in its head and it collapsed. “There! You wanted it dead it is dead! Can we please go home now?”

“How did you kill it?”

“I ruptured a vessel in its brain. It was quick and painless plus I didn’t ruin the meat so there is no need to waste it.”

Master Chen put his arm around his daughter’s shoulder and began walking back towards their horses with her two dogs following and playing the whole way back. She occasionally stopped to scratch their heads or rub their back. Ju-long and Jia Li had been with her nearly every moment of her life since birth. Her mother claimed that they had been hers when she was a girl and her mother’s before that. She said they once belonged to the emperor, he had given them to her ancestors as a gift but that couldn’t be true.

Even a ten year old girl knew dogs didn’t live that long. However, if the impossible story was true, the dogs lives would soon come full circle when she married the emperor’s son as had been arranged.

As the two returned to their home Mee-Hua’s father saw a number of soldiers in all black standing by the front entrance. He reined his horse in and grabbed his daughter’s reins to pull her in close. “You must run, Mee-Hua!” He handed her a pouch of coins. “Ride into town, buy food for traveling and new clothes that make you look plain. Go to the stables, trade your fancy saddle for a plain one and ride as far as you can, as fast as you can! Do not come back and do not tell anyone your real name. When it is safe we will find you. Now go, ride!”

The emperor then looked at the dogs. “You two run as well. Don’t follow Mee-Hua and don’t come back here till it’s safe. If they know what you are they will kill you. Now all of you go!”

Mee-Hua was terrified but she did as her father told her to and rode into town. She followed her father’s instructions and then continued to ride.

Back at their home Master Chen pushed his way through the cluster of black clad guards ignoring their hisses and curses. “What are you doing here? My family has been paying tribute to you on time for hundreds of years!”

Tiana, queen of the vampires turned around with a gleaming smile on her face. “Why my dear, Master Chen, it is so nice to see you and your beautiful wife, no words of welcome for an old friend?”

“You are many things, Tiana, but you have never been a friend to our family. I ask once again, why are you here?”

“Oh please stop playing these games. I understand your daughter is quite the child prodigy.”

“She is already betrothed to the emperor’s son. Besides, she is not strong in the power.”

“Only half of that is true. Who she is betrothed to is of little concern to me. Where is she now?”

Master Chen looked at his wife with love in his eyes while throwing his hands towards Tiana. Dark black blood started to pour from Tiana’s mouth while her body convulsed wildly. Two of the black clad guards came running but the master’s wife threw an arm towards each one causing them to explode all over the walls behind them.

Chen twisted his hands and focused every bit of his power towards destroying the vampire queen. Once he had exhausted every bit of energy possible Tiana hung in the air motionless for a time. She began laughing, wiping the blood from her chin. “I am very impressed with your power. The breeding program has worked quite well. However, you did manage to drain a great deal of blood from me and I’ll need to replace it.” In the blink of an eye Tiana was latched to the throat of Chen’s wife. When he made a move to aid her, Tiana made one quick slashing motion with her hand and opened the wizard’s throat from across the room. Once they were both drained she ordered that every human in their service be killed.


Three days later Mee-Hua was swaying in her saddle, barely able to keep her eyes open when she saw the riders in black approaching her. She turned the horse around only to find the same riders behind her. It was impossible to escape.

She stopped riding and waited for the small blonde woman to approach her. “I am Queen Tiana, and you are the princess Mee-Hua?” The little girl nodded her head. “As of now I have your parents imprisoned. If you will come stay with me for a while and perform a task for me when the time comes I will set you free. Do we have a bargain?”

“Do you have my babies as well, my dogs?”

Tiana lied with ease, “Yes, sweet girl, the dogs are with your parents. Can we go now?”

Mee-Hua was exhausted and wanted nothing more than for all of it to just be over. “If you will keep them safe until I perform your task I will go with you.”

Tiana smiled and turned her horse around. “You have my word, Princess. They will remain just as safe as they are right now. Follow me my dear, it’s a long journey.”

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