The below is a sneak peek inside of my new book “Rebirth Of The Chosen” This is the actual prologue that will appear in the book and gives you just a little taste of what you will get when you read my series. I hope it whets your appetite and leaves you wanting more…enjoy!

                                                       Rebirth of the Chosen


George’s eyes flew open the moment he felt it. This was something new, something unusual. Could it finally be the one he was waiting for?  He unfurled himself from between Rori’s thighs and stretched till his legs were taut, allowing for each of his curved claws to momentarily unsheathe and then retract. It was always annoying when they got snagged in the sheets.

 He could already hear the Mazāk Tiem running down the hallway to alert his sleeping beauty, so he decided to wait and see what they had to say. Moments later there was an urgent knock at the door followed by a male voice, “My Lady? Lord Obsidian requires your assistance.  He says that it is urgent and he asks that you come immediately!”

Rori sat up on the edge of the bed and yawned before stretching languidly and allowing the silk sheets to fall away from her nude body -- a sight that George felt he would never tire of. The knocking continued until she finally stood up and walked over to the door, throwing it wide open and standing there as if she was fully clothed, “What could possibly be so goddamn important at six in the morning? You know I just went to bed, idiot!”

The young man ducked his head in a show of apology, “I am very sorry, my Lady, but Lord Obsidian says that it is an emergency and that he needs you immediately. It is a new recruit and he is badly injured.  Lord Obsidian said it was a bite.”

She slammed the door in the servant’s face without a second thought and slid into the blue silk dress, that she had worn to dinner earlier that night, and black pumps. more out of habit than necessity and headed out the door. George hated to see her put on the dress, but he couldn’t deny that she looked just as scrumptious in clothes as she had without.

The two of them trotted down the hall following the incredibly nervous Mazāk Tiem until they reached a part of the facility where they could easily hear a man screaming bloody murder. When they came through the door they found Obsidian leaned over a bed trying very hard to restrain a young man while simultaneously holding pressure over some sort of heavily bleeding wound. Considering there were three other members of the staff nursing injuries of their own, she could only assume Obsidian was getting his hands bloodied out of necessity not empathy.

The moment Obsidian saw Rori he let out a sigh of relief, “He is young but incredibly powerful, definitely Jätti but mixed with something else very, very strong.” In a rare moment of lost composure he turned his attention back to the bleeding stranger, “Will you please shut the hell up for one minute! I am trying to help you!”  The man continued to fight causing blood to pour down his chest and shoulder.  It also caused shimmering ripples in Obsidians façade…a very rare sight indeed.

Obsidian looked back to the silk clad beauty, “He was bitten by a shifter, I’m pretty confident it was the Hound although I didn’t get the chance to confirm it.  His body is reacting wildly to the bite and I can’t stop the bleeding!”  He was forced to shout since the man in the bed was screaming incoherently.

Rori leaned down to get a closer look, so Obsidian moved the bloody towel revealing a gaping, ragged wound that was pumping blood everywhere. The beautiful woman in the blue silk dress carefully pulled her hair off to one side and then bent a little closer so that she could shove her face into the wound and lick the bleeding artery.

The flow of blood immediately slowed allowing her to run her tongue along the entire length of the wound several times without drowning. While she was licking the wound she would occasionally rub and nuzzle against the injured man’s face whispering in his ear, and calming him down.

When she rose from the bed she swayed slightly causing Obsidian to grab her arm and steady her before a waiting Mazāk Tiem handed her a towel so that she could wipe the blood from her face. She looked at Obsidian with a scowl as if she had just tasted something foul, “It is a canine shifter without question, but it tastes tainted, twisted, it could be the Hound.”  She then ran a delicate finger through a small trickle of blood that was flowing down the young man’s chest. She closed her eyes and ran her tongue across her lips, “He, on the other hand tastes, delicious…and powerful. Where did you find him?”

Obsidian smiled as he pushed George out of the chair in the corner and sat down, “He was spotted by a local recruiter and was already on my list to be monitored when I received reports of Skira activity in the area. I went to check it out and ran across him being chewed on. Considering the amount of human police present I was in a bit of a hurry but I did see the dead body of Antallus before I left.  The one who bit him almost has to be Argus, those two are inseparable.”

Rori managed to look shocked as she finished putting a dressing over the now healing wound, “You believe this one killed Antallus and then survived an attack by Argus?  No wonder you saved him and brought him here.”

Obsidian stood up and made to walk from the room, “I need to do some research, would you mind watching over him please?  I realize it’s a bit of a nuisance considering you are my guest but could you, for me?”

The Lady Roridine smiled and bowed slightly as Obsidian left the room.  She walked over to the bed and bent low placing her lips close to the injured man’s ear, “Try to relax as best you can, you may get sick throughout the night but I have taken steps that should help.  Rest now and try to move as little as possible. There is bottled water on the night stand beside you. If you need anything just yell, but for now try to rest.”

She then walked over to the wall and turned off the light before returning to the chair.  She slowly began licking the remnants of the stranger’s blood from her fingers savoring the taste of sex and power in each and every drop.  George casually walked over and ran his rough tongue along one of her other fingers.

What he tasted brought him hope.  Perhaps the time of change really was upon them.  He leapt up into Rori’s lap and curled up, waiting for her fingers to run through his soft fur.  He let his imagination run wild with all the things that could be while Rori’s delicate touch slowly massaged him to sleep.

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