Book 2

"Revelations Out Of Darkness" is the second book in the "Secrets Of Blood & Bone" Series. It details Q's evolution as the King of the Ogres, as well as his unexpected responsibility as King and protector of the entire Skira nation.

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A few short years ago, Q was nothing more than a simple security guard working the night shift at the local hospital. Through an unbelievable series of events, Q discovers that he is not only a supernatural being, but one that is sired by royal blood! 

Now that he has earned his rightful place as king of the Ogres through combat and blood, he has also found himself saddled with the responsibility of leading and caring for the entire Skira nation.

With enemies on all sides and a growing nation to worry about, he is suddenly summoned by a mythical being known as The Chancellor. He is to take part in a council of war with the Pravitka, the Rotu, and the Vampires.

Q has sworn to protect all those who would seek refuge from the cruelty of the other three monarchs. The only question is: can Q survive long enough to lead his people to victory and to save the human race from Hell on Earth?


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